Grain Bin Sweeps


Grain Bin Sweeps

High-performance and dependability are a must for grain bin sweeps. That is why we have partnered with the best companies in the industry to provide you with reliable grain bin sweeps. So whether you are in need of a large capacity sweep for your commercial grain bin or a smaller sweep for your on-farm grain bin, we have the solutions to meet your specific needs. 

Looking for alternative options that are safer than traditional sweeps? At CAS, we also supply paddle sweeps that utilize flexible rubber paddles instead of traditional auger.



We are proud to offer our customers a wide variety of grain bin sweeps from Brock®, Norstar®, and Sioux Steel Company®. Having a large selection to choose from gives us the ability to find the perfect solution for your facility.
Brock® 1500 Series Power Sweep
Built around a bulletproof gearbox which offers high-performance and superior durability.
Brock® 3500 Series Commercial Sweep
An all electric durable sweep designed to handle heavy grain loads and keep moving no matter what.
Brock® Maverick® 4000 Series Bin Sweep
Designed for easy clean-off and engineered to provided superior performance and efficiency.
Norstar® Unloads Farm & Platinum Series
Maximize your capacity and unload faster with Norstar®. Choose from a variety of available options.
Sioux Steel Company® Grain Bin Paddle Sweeps
Exceptional sweeps featuring flexible rubber paddles instead of augers in a variety of options.

Why Choose cas FOR YOUR

Grain Bin Sweeps

We have searched far and wide to supply our customers with the very best grain bin sweeps. That is why we are proud to be a supplier for Brock®, Norstar®, and Sioux Steel Company® and provide their very best products.
  • Variety of Sweeps

    We know that each operation is different and that is why we provide our customers with a variety of available sweeps.

  • Heavy-Duty Construction

    The grain bin sweeps we supply are built with the very best materials and are designed to last.

  • Safest Sweeps Available

    We are proud to supply paddle grain bin sweeps to our customers which are known as the safest sweeps in the industry.

Grain Bin Sweep


Each grain bin sweep has very specific specifications. Below is a brief overview of the capacity ranges available for grain bin sweeps available from Custom Agri Systems, Inc.

ProductBin DiametersMaximum Eave HeightAuger DiametersCapacity Range
Brock® 1500 Series Power Sweep15 - 60 feet107 feet8 or 10 inchesUp to 5,500 bushels per hour
Brock® 3500 Series Commercial Sweep30 - 156 feet107 feet12 or 16 inches4,000 - 10,000 bushels per hour
Brock® MAVERICK® 4000 Series Bin Sweep60 - 132 feet107 feet12 inches7,500 - 15,000 bushels per hour
Norstar® Unloads Farm & Platinum Series14 - 90 feet---7 1/4, 9, 10, 11, 12Up to 14,000 bushels per hour
Sioux Steel Company® Paddle Sweeps12 - 139 feet------Up to 12,000 bushels per hour

Grain Bin Sweep


Looking to learn more about grain bin sweeps? Download a brochure and discover more of what we have to offer. 

Brock® Grain Bin Sweeps

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