Custom Dryer Service, LLC

Frankfort, Indiana

Custom Dryer Service, LLC (CDS) is an installation and maintenance contractor of on-farm and commercial grain dryers. Started in 2007, Custom Dryer Service provides quality grain dryer specific products and services to Frankfort, Indiana and surrounding areas. 

1359 W Armstrong St
Frankfort, IN
Manager: Dan Burnette

By Appointment Only

New Years, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Memorial Day

Frankfort, IN


Installing, servicing, and maintaining grain dryers is our specialty. The CDS team is experienced in providing exceptional pre-season service to make sure that your systems run safely and efficiently throughout the year. 


Servicing your on-farm or commercial dryer before harvest season.

Frankfort, IN


At Custom Dryer Service, LLC we know the importance of having quality grain dryer and dryer accessories. The CDS team can help your on-farm or commercial grain facility find the products needed to increase your efficiency and match your capacity needs.

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