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At Custom Agri Systems, Inc. we supply superior commercial and on-farm grain bins from Brock®. With high quality construction, a wide variety of accessories, and a multitude of configurations to meet your needs, our experienced team can help you find the right Brock® solution for your commercial or on-farm application.

We know the importance of having quality grain bins that keep your grain in peak condition, that is why we use only the highest quality materials and components. Giving your grain bins the ability to last and protect what you have worked so hard to harvest.


Grain Bins

Whether you are looking for on-farm grain bins or commercial grain bins, we have the options to meet and exceed your grain storage needs. 

On-Farm Grain Bins

Brock®'s on-farm grain bins are engineered to deliver durability and provide day-to-day reliability. Bins are available in either flat bottom or hopper style.

Commercial Grain Bins

Brock®'s commercial grain bins are designed to reach the tallest heights and increase your grain capacity while providing critical safety features.

On-Farm Holding Bins

Brock®'s on-farm holding bins are made using quality materials for high strength storage. Giving your the perfect wet holding bin, blending bin, and more.

Commercial Holding Bins

Brock®'s commercial holding bins are the perfect solution for overhead unloading, temporary wet or dry grain holding, or even long-term storage.

Why Choose cas FOR YOUR

gRAIN Bin Needs

As a Brock® dealer, we understand the many products, accessories, and warranties available for your grain bins. Whether you are looking for a Brock® grain bin for your commercial or on-farm application, our experienced team can help you find the perfect grain bin. We uphold Brock®’s standards and offer superior service to our customers. 

  • Various Sizing Options

    We offer on-farm and commercial grain and holding bins in a variety of sizes to fit all sizes of operations.

  • Strong & Resistant

    Grain Bins and Holding Bins needs to be strong no matter the application. That is why we use high strength supplies to deliver quality results.

  • Innovative Features

    Looking for less hassle when dealing with your grain and holding bins? We offer innovative solutions and features to make grain handling a breeze.

Grain Bin Product


Each of Brock®’s product lines come with their own specifications. Below is an overview of the ranges for on-farm and commercial grain bins.

ProductBin DiametersGrain CapacityEave HeightAllowable Roof Peak Load Capacity
On-Farm Grain Bins12 to 54 feet866 to 71,020 bushels8.2 to 32.2 feetUp to 8,000 pounds
Commercial Grain Bins15 to 156 feet2,978 to 1,939,574 bushels19 to 107 feet4,800 to 13,000 pounds
On-Farm Holding Bins9 to 21 feet259 to 7,734 bushels11' 10" to 40 ft500 to 4,000 pounds
Commercial Holding Bins15 to 42 feet3,146 to 106,000 bushels30' 1" to 102 ft30,000 to 37,500 pounds

Grain Bin


Looking to discover more about the amazing on-farm and commercial grain bin products offered by Brock®? Download the brochures below and discover how you can protect your investment.

Brock® Grain Storage Solutions

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Brock® Grain Bin Capacities

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keep your grain in peak condition.

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