Transport Augers

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Transport Augers

At Custom Agri Systems, Inc. we supply exceptional transport augers for a variety of needs. Designed for long-lasting performance our heavy-duty transport augers are great for on-farm and commercial applications.

Efficient and durable, we supply transport augers that can withstand high capacities. From gentle handling and low-maintenance portable augers to swingaway augers, we can provide you with the transport augers to fit your facility.


Transport Augers

We carry a wide array of transport augers from Brandt, AGI/Westfield, AGI/Hutchinson, and AGI/BATCO. With numerous options our team can help you find the transport auger that meets your grain handling needs.

Brandt Transport Augers
Deliver reliability and performance so that you can stay productive, available in a wide range of configurations.
Brandt Field Grain Belts
Move grain with ease using a field grain belt useful for moving grain from a truck or out of a bin.
AGI/Westfield Transport Augers
Affordable, straightforward auger designs built with the best materials, components, and features.
AGI/Hutchinson Transport Augers
Design features heavy-duty scissor-lift frame, commercial strength trussing, and low-profile hopper.
AGI/Batco Portable Belt Conveyors
Gentle handling with low maintenance, long-wear, low horsepower, high-capacity, and clean convenience.

Why Choose cas FOR YOUR

Transport Augers

At Custom Agri Systems, Inc. we have the knowledge and experience to pair you with the the perfect transport auger for your grain facility. 

  • High Capacity

    Built and designed for high capacity and performance. Load faster with a more versatile transport auger that lasts longer.

  • Gentle Handling

    Minimize damage and protect the quality of your grain by choosing an auger designed to decrease impact damage.

  • Clean Convenience Options

    Save time and reduce contamination. Developed to require less clean-out when switching from one product to another.

Transport Auger


Each model from our various suppliers have their own unique specifications. Below is a brief overview of the various capacity ranges available. 

ProductLength RangesHeight RangesCapacity Ranges
Brandt Transport Augers (Various Models)32 - 62 ft9' 1" - 41' 2"3200 - 9000 bu/hr
Brandt Field GrainBelt (Various Models)33 - 55 ft9' 11" - 25' 5"5000 - 12000 bu/hr
AGI/Batco Portable Belt Conveyors ------Up to 14,000 bu/hr
AGI/Hutchinson Portable Augers------Up to 23,000 bu/hr
AGI/Westfield Portable Augers------Up to 23,000 bu/hr

Transport Auger

Product Resources

Looking for additional information on available transport augers from Custom Agri Systems, Inc.? Download product brochures and discover product specifications, capacities, dimensions and more.

Brandt Transport Augers

Download Brandt Transport Augers Brochure

AGI/BATCO Belt Conveyors

Download AGI/BATCO Brochure

AGI/Hutchinson Swingaway Augers

Download AGI/Hutchinson Swingaway Auger Brochure

AGI/Westfield Transport Augers

Download AGI/Westfield Brochure

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