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Fans & Heaters

Looking for fans that promote uniform and efficient air movement or heaters that deliver dependable performance for critical grain conditioning periods? If so, Custom Agri Systems, Inc. can help you find the perfect fan and/or heater to meet your facilities needs. 

From high efficiency double-inlet fans to axial heaters, we have the solutions that are sure to exceed your expectation and deliver exceptional results. 


Fans & Heaters

At Custom Agri Systems, Inc. we supply a wide range of Brock® fans and heaters. Engineered for superior efficiency, Brock® fans and heaters consistently meet and exceed our customers expectations and needs.

Double-Inlet Fans
Highly efficient, low noise, and these fans require less energy requirements than single-inleft fans.
Centrifugal Fans
Brock® offers both low-speed and high-speed Centrifugal Fans to meet the needs of your operation.
Axial Fans
Economical Axial Fans are durable, reliable, and have high airflow at low static pressures.
Centrifugal In-Line Fans
A well-balanced design with low airflow at high static pressures which are perfect for smaller grain bins.
Centrifugal Heaters
Available for centrifugal fans and offer BTU capacities of up to 5,000,000 giving you flexibility for in-bin drying.
Axial Heaters
Available in 24", 26", and 28" diameters to match your needs. Low temperature heaters are available as well.
Specifically calibrated to match your fan or heater in a weather and dust-proof and rodent resistant housing.
Direct Engine-Drive Fans
Low-Speed (1720 RPM) Centrifugal Fan is built for durability and is dynamically balanced to promote air flow.

Why Choose cas FOR YOUR

Fans & Heaters

At Custom Agri Systems, Inc. we understand the importance of having a wide variety of products that are efficient and durable. That is why we are proud supplier of Brock® fans and heaters.  

  • Superior Efficiency

    Each of Brock®'s products are designed to provide you with superior efficiency. Making your life easier.

  • Reliable & Durable

    Made of strong high quality components and materials Brock® fans and heaters are designed to last.

  • Variety of Options

    We supply a variety of options for you to choose from. So whether you need an axial heater or a centrifugal fan, we have you covered.

Fans & Heaters

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Want to learn more about available Brock® fans and heaters? Download the brochures below and learn more about what Brock® has to offer. 

Brock® Fans

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