Manlift Services


Manlift Services

Our manlift services were designed to keep your lifts safe and efficient. Lift inspection, service, and repair are essential to ensuring lifts are in proper working order and meet safety standards. 

We can assist with your code–mandated inspections and code compliance to ensure that all regulations are met. Even conducting load tests to ensure that your lifts are capable of carrying the weight of their designated load. Let us keep your lifts safe.

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Safe & Efficient

Manlift Services

Why Choose CAS For

Manlift Services

At CAS, our team is dedicated to safety and function. We know how essential a manlift can be to your operation and how critical it is to be running efficiently. From compliance to repair, we have the ability to assist you in all phases.

  • Years of Experience

    We have a team of experts with decades of combined experience in manlift services. Your project will always be completed by the best.

  • High-Quality Equipment

    Successful, safe projects require the proper equipment. Over the years we've invested heavily to ensure we have all the equipment we need.

  • Dedicated to Your Success

    Your success is our success. We love keeping your operation, safe, secure, and code-compliant.

Keep your manlifts safe and efficient!

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