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Grain Bin Accessories

Enhance the use and the convenience of your grain bins with superior grain bin accessories from Brock®.  Whether you are looking to distribute your grain more optimally, provide more security, or aid in the ventilation of your grain bin, we have the solutions to meet your specific needs.

All of Brock®’s accessories are designed with you in mind. Carefully crafted to make using your grain bin more safe, efficient, and productive.



From Grain Spreaders to Aeration Floor Supports, Custom Agri Systems, Inc. is proud to be a product supplier for the wide variety of grain bin accessories available from Brock®. Our experienced team can help you make the most out of your grain bin.
Brock® Grain Spreaders
Evenly distribute grain to allow for optimal drying and uniform aeration while the bin is being filled.
Brock® Gravity Roof Vents
Choose from elbow (pictured) or mushroom-style vents to provide free air movement in your bin.
Brock® Ladders & Security Doors
Restrict unauthorized access to your storage bins with a ladder-lock system and security door.
Brock® LATCH-LOCK® Bin Entry Doors
Take the hassle out of grain storage and increase safety with easy to open panels that stay secure.
Brock® Mid-Roof Walkarounds
Protect your employees and your grain by providing improved and safer access to your grain bins.
Brock® Roof Eave Vent System
Aid ventilation with a system that works better, costs less, eliminates roof cuts, and lowers static pressure.
Brock® SHUR-STEP® Bin Stairs
Climb you grain bin with confidence with Brock® Bin Stairs. These work with new construction and retrofit.
TRI-CORR® Aeration Floor w/ PARTHENON® Support
Remarkable strength and superior aeriation. Design provides 3x more floor support compared to other designs.

Why Choose cas FOR YOUR


At Custom Agri Systems, Inc. we are proud to supply Brock®’s line of grain bin accessories to our customers. We understand the importance of making your grain bins more productive and safe, all while improving your experience.

  • Wide Variety of Options

    We supply a wide variety of Brock®'s grain bin accessories and have experience utilizing these products.

  • Superior Strength

    All of Brock®'s accessories are designed with superior strength to maximize the longevity of your grain bin.

  • Knowledgable Team

    We have been proudly serving the grain community since 1982 and know what accessories would be helpful for your operation.

Enhance Your

Grain Bins

Want to explore more of what Brock®’s line of on-farm grain bin accessories has to offer? View this video and discover key features of their grain bin accessories.



Ready to learn even more about Brock®’s various accessories. Download the brochure that corresponds with your needs and learn more about what Brock® has to offer. 

Brock® Grain Spreaders

Download Brock® Grain Spreader Brochure

Brock® LATCH-LOCK® Bin Entry Doors

Download Brock® LATCH-LOCK® Brochure

Brock® SHUR-STEP® Bin Stairs

Download Brock® SHUR-STEP® Bin Stairs Brochure

Brock® TRI-CORR® Floor

Download Brock® TRI-CORR® Brochure

Brock® Ladder Security Door

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Brock® Mid-Roof Walkarounds

Download Brock® LATCH-LOCK® Brochure

Brock® Mid-Roof Walkarounds

Download Brock® LATCH-LOCK® Brochure

Enhance the use and convenience of your grain bin

With accessories from CAS & Brock®.