Process Automation


Process Automation

Control every aspect of your operation and take it to the next level with our automation services. From our Platinum+ Dryer Controller to a wide range of other options, our systems provide you with industry leading technology. They give you full remote control of your systems, include advanced diagnostics, data acquisition, on board guides, and more.

The best part is our automations can be integrated with brand new installations or existing systems. Saving you the headache of having to buy new equipment, and a lot of money in the process.

Process Automation and Monitoring Controls

Comprehensive Control

Process Automation fEATURES:

Why Choose cas FOR YOUR

pROCESS Automation

Take control of your grain operations and get peace of mind with an automation system from Custom Agri Systems, Inc. Maximize efficiency, improve safety, and have full comprehensive control of your grain facility.

  • Maximize Efficiency

    Automated Software Solutions for CAS allows you to maximize your efficiency and minimize your downtime.

  • Comprehensive Control

    With Automated Management you can have complete and comprehensive facility control.

  • Improved Safety

    Our systems provide equipment monitoring with improves maintenance and the safety of your facility.

Process Automation


Discover more about our automation systems and how CAS can bring comprehensive control to your facility.

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